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Would you consider Sounion in Athens as your dream wedding choice?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Life is timeless moving pictures and every time we take a breath the world shifts millions of contradictions;

The sanctuary of Sounion, (where the famous temple of Poseidon was built in ancient times) is the most important sanctuary of Attica. Situated at the unique Cape Sounion the sanctuary is one of the major sights of Greece and about an hour's drive from central Athens (approximately 68 km).

The route to Sounion follows the coastline of the Saronic Gulf passing through the tourist resorts of Varkiza, Aghia Marina, Lagonissi, Saronida, Anavissos amongst others.

Look out of the window of your car and you will enjoy the sparkling blue sea, the charming little bays and the fish taverns.

At the Temple of Poseidon the ancient Greeks worshipped the god of the sea Poseidon. Preserved are 15 Doric style columns (originally there were 34). The temple was build during the Golden Age of Pericles on the ruins of a preceding temple. We do not know who the architect is, however it may well be the same architect who designed the Theseion in central Athens. In a distance of 400 metres you will find the temple of Athena Sounia. Here you will see the substructures of two temples, a large temple build around 470 BC and a smaller temple that has been build in the period 600-550BC and was dedicated other to Athena or Artemis.

Seal your love with a romantic wedding in Sounion. Create an elegant celebration of love overlooking the deep blue sea, with a warm and refreshing atmosphere. Fall in love with every single moment and with the effortlessly chic surroundings;

Soulful love is poetry in motion. In a journey of unlimited emotions, revealing the happiest and most unpredicted, we will unfold your story. Creating moments of pure magic...

In the bewitching value of a moment, the truth behind a touch, is hidden contradictions and random bursts of laughter, sweet addictions and unforeseen circumstances where we uncover and curate a hidden world of endless possibilities.

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