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When the Stars say YES!

For nearly two decades Enviable Events has led the way, where others merely follow...

Innovating, pushing beyond all boundaries, and insisting on nothing but perfection from ourselves and our partners, we at Enviable, created the "Galaxy within" where we now excel.

We are surrounded by an amazing wide-ranging expertise, that creates inspirational events for all occasions and tastes, from floating tables to explosive pyrotechnics shows, that light up the night sky and dazzle audiences with world-class musicians and artists.


We, at Enviable are here to dive into the ocean of your soul by assisting you to pick the perfect dates for your event, colours, scents and crystals that will help you experience the true magic within, in order to create the ideal environment for your special day.

During your journey, "we take you by the hand" and together we will help you feel and cherish the gratitude that sometimes we cannot find due to our daily routines and hectic schedules, a reality, present in today's "modern world".


Our team has travelled "far and wide", curating & creating entirely unique "star guided" experiences, that will fill your heart and soul with joy and empowerment.


Anything you dream of, the stars will realize for you, and the journey to your inner happiness will be attained.

Founder & Partnerships Director 
Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Turning a Vision into Reality

Your meetings aren’t just gatherings, they are invaluable opportunities to build culture, perpetuate branding and strengthen bonds with your employees.


 These moments matter – let us help you make the most of them. 

Whether providing remote or onsite support, our team will keep your program on schedule, your expenses in budget and your attendees smiling!

Event Director

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Get on board with change!


I was always quite change-averse but everything from my role to the wider industry is constantly evolving and you have to keep up with it to make sure you are not left behind. 


Getting the flurry of thank you emails after another event has been delivered above and beyond our clients’ expectations is my highest event moment!!


Food & Beverage Director
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Illuminated Rock

Greece : Skoufa 5, Kolonaki 106 74, Athens Greece

United Kingdom : 446A Green Lanes, London, N13 5XD


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