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Kefalonia - Fall in Love with the Ionian

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Dreaming of exotic escapes in sparking blue waters meeting fine golden sand, surrounded by lush vegetation? Dreaming of nestling on the top of a green mountain and letting your eyes lost in velvet blue horizon? Dreaming of time-hopping from one era to another?

Why dreaming? Kefalonia is in your nature. An island of miracles, where you can find all the above and many more.

Voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Myrtos Beach will take your breath away... You must have umbrellas though because the sun is very hot. And be there before 10am to find a good spot.

Here are some of my favourite pics of Kefalonia...

Melissani Lake is a MUST see place while in Kefalonia...

Petani is my favourite beach. I ended up going to this beach nearly every day.... And we had lunch at Erasmia's the best restaurant in Kefalonia!!!

Aghia Efimia is a gorgeous village of Kefalonia and very famous for its secluded beaches (that many of them may only be reached by boat. It is also famous for its good food and lovely taverns... I did not swim there but the waters were clear and alluring...

Assos Beach is a picturesque village with three secluded beaches but not as dramatic and gorgeous as Petani and Myrtos. I would therefore recommend visiting this place for lunch one day after your swim at Myrtos.

Fiscardo is a MUST SEE village of Kefalonia. Try to visit this place after 5pm because during the day it is packed with tourists visiting from Ithaka. Fiscardo is elegant and charming and highly recommended for a short stay...

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and has a plethora of restaurants, charming shops, bars and a beautiful promenade where one may enjoy their drink or ice cream lost in time.... My greatest experience in Argostoli is visiting this beautiful stone bridge, one of its kind that not only offers a relaxing and positive feeling but also brings you very close to the Karetta-Karetta turtles that enjoy their swim and may allow you to say a quick hello to them... They are very shy and are hiding though....

If you consider Kefalonia as your next holiday or small group destination then email me at for more details and insight.

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