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Wedding Date Curator

Why is it essential for you?

When couples decide to get married they believe that the magnificence & charm of a memorable wedding ceremony is the most precious and important part for this day; This is why they invest a great deal of their energy (sentimental & financial) in planning their wedding.

A well designed wedding ceremony and party are indeed special for the couple, there is though something far more important and vital...
Choosing the wedding date for this new life together wisely is the focal point for a harmonious wedding; because this new life together, just like a new-born baby, has its very own horoscope and therefore its very own character, personality, traits and foretelling events.

We are the only wedding horoscope curators worldwide that can guide and help all couples  to follow the three basic steps for their special first day in life together; 

Step 1: Choose the most auspicious wedding date.

Step 2: Define the correct colours and therapeutic crystals on this day as part of your wedding planning essentials.

Step 3: Give this little touch of uniqueness to your wedding date.

For your wedding, our team of experts, will plan and design for you a "magic day" by combining the ethereal harmony of planets, positive colours, crystals and sounds, creating vibrations for the most beautiful melody of your life; the melody of your very own happiness!!
​We will work directly with you for Step 1&3 and with you or your event planner  for step 2 and request the stars and planets to play their amazing music on your very special day.

Let us take you to an amazing journey of grace & joy.
​The joy of your wedding celestial harmony;

3 reasons to buy our
Wedding Horoscope Curator

Reason 1 ​-> The Marriage Horoscope

Your marriage horoscope is calculated using the date, time, and location of your wedding day when the two of you are born in one and only entity of eternal love and togetherness.

From this information, a clock-like diagram emerges that shows where every planet was located at the very moment you made your debut as a couple. Each chart is composed of the same elements, rearranged, so everyone has one of everything, but none are exactly alike. I think of planets, signs, houses, and aspects as the four astrological building blocks. Each block represents a different level of your marriage existence.

Each planet acts like the director of a department in a corporation and the corporation is, of course, you two together as one human being. Mercury directs your communications and Jupiter oversees your abundance and growth. When you have the need to communicate you call on your Mercury; when it is time to take a risk or grow, you use your Jupiter. So, both of you are in absolute control of your life together in a harmonious and prudential navigation as life and time progress.


Reason 2 -> The Wedding and its Protective Colors

Each day of the week has a special color. Monday for example, loves the white, pearl, light blue and silver. Sunday on the other hand prefers the bright yellow, light red and orange....

Astrology and Zodiac Signs have also their dedicated colors. For a Virgo for example the cabbage or olive green give positive energy and for a Libra, the emerald-green offer gratitude and balance.


Using the ancient Greek practice in therapeutic color energy as it was adopted on the wedding day in Ancient Greek, we pick the most protective ones for the couple that will act as a shield on your wedding day. Used in little details such as balloons, flowers, napkins, glasses, or any type of decoration, your personalized marriage horoscope color palette is significant on your special day.


Reason 3 -> The Powerful Crystals for your Wedding Day

Just like the colors, the crystals are essential tools for your wedding day; Created over the millennia, healing crystals harness the life-giving elements of the Earth and the Universe.


Harnessing the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the oceans (the water represents our emotions), semi-precious stones connect us to universal energy as soon as we interact with them. Using the correct crystals on your wedding day will unlock the unique power of wisdom and your first day in life together will be studded with beautiful, mysterious, and unique vibrations that will rock your world.


Our gift to you -> Your initials in Linear B’ Script

Linear B is the first attested writing system of the Greeks. It was used between the 17th and 12th century and was successor of the Minoan Linear A, a writing system that has not yet been deciphered. Most records have been found on clay tablets in Knossos in Crete and Pylos & Mycenae in Peloponnese.

We strongly believe that your names in Linear B’ would definitely form a ritual or spiritual conquest for the beginning of your new life together and we offer to all our beloved couples their initials (and names) in Linear B’ with a short description uncovered by our Linear B’ specialist.

Your Linear B’ initials & names will be in jpeg format and may be used in your invitations, keepsakes or wedding decoration.

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