Full Package

We make things happen. Enviable Events has the history, the know-how and the innovative spirit to put together genuinely unique weddings.

We will choose together the best dates, venue, colours, themes and add a touch of magic with entertainers, catering and all you need to make your wedding a fairy tale day...


Cost: Upon Request

Partial Package

We will work with you on our celestial harmonies project and will help you pick the correct dates, colours, venue, scents and crystals for harmony and purity.

We will work directly with you or with your event manager and ask the stars and planets to play their amazing music on your very special day. We need the couple's date, exact time and country/city of birth. 

Leave the rest to us...


Costs:  1250 euro 

On the Day

For the couples that used our partial package (celestial harmony) we can offer our On the Day service if you wish.

We will supervise the final details to make sure that your very special day is perfectly prepared to welcome you in your new life together for ever!!!


Cost: 350 church

         350 venue

         600 church & venue


Christenings and Children Parties is what we love doing! It is all about your little prince & princess!

Whichever style or theme you prefer, we make your event have a touch of magic!

We need the date, exact time and country/city of birth of your treasure to create harmony and purity.

Cost: Upon Request

Drinks' Parties

Delicious drinks perfect for any crowd; We provide everything to make your event go as well as you imagined. From a liquid nitrogen ice cream bar, to a cocktail masterclass evening or a molecular experience...

All we want from you is your brief on your event's purpose. We will use your brief as a focal point for a unique experience.

Cost: Upon Request

Private Events

From a private room in one of Greece's most elegant hotels or villas to the deck of a super-yacht, or a cosy beach, location is all important!!! 

Let us work together having your brief as a focal point to start creating a magical event that will inspire your guests and give you the joy of being the perfect host for your precious guests.

This service is available in any Greek or international destination.

Cost: Upon Request


We celebrate the power of human connection. Bringing people together in a way that builds loyalty, enthusiasm & creates momentum within your organisation. For large events, small meetings and everything in between, we design a program unique to your needs. You need an experienced partner to develop a scalable solution customized to your needs and culture.

Corporate Parties

Planning, Design, Budgeting, Logistics...

Every detail matters, and there’s no second chance.

We know the most important moments in your organization happen face to face, idea to idea.

We are here to ensure events are flawless, on budget and unforgettable. We’d love to make your next event remarkable.

Fun Activities

We exist to always deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences:

Organizations celebrating under the lights.

Teams traveling without interruptions, issues, or stress.

Corporations giving their clients an experience they’ll never forget.

And we are here to take care of everything for you. 

Illuminated Rock

Greece : Skoufa 5, Kolonaki 106 74, Athens Greece

United Kingdom : 446A Green Lanes, London, N13 5XD


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